Fraser Hill – What’s going on 2009?

Fraser Hill always projected as a wonderland in my imagination. Surrounded by pine trees and bird singing in misty morning. I did some research from internet and decide to visit this highland during Chinese New Year. It only took about one hour from Kuala Kubu town to Fraser Hill. The new road was closed since landslide last year and no estimate date of reopen. Thus the only way to go up is via The Gap (what a unique name). Road from Gap to Fraser Hill is open every odd hour. It took about 20 minutes for 8km journey. The road only has one lane thus traffic going up and down need to interchange every hour. The journey make me dizzy because every 20m that is a curve. Along the trip you can discover different type of bamboos.

Upon reaching the Gate (main entrance of Fraser Hill) welcome by two row of buildings and clock tower. I check my watch and it didn’t show that I am in 1950’s. After the clock tower is golf field, simple and good for putting. I decide to make a round to survey entire town. We are back to clock tower in 10 minutes, pretty small town. It is good news for who like to do walkabout exercise. The tourist info center located 500m from clock tower. You can get latest update about hotel reservation and other attractions. Popular activities included boating, horse riding, archery, woodball, mini golf, bird watching and hiking. Unfortunately all above are under maintenance except birding and hiking.

We decided to explore hiking trails and bird watching. All trails are authentic because it was discovered for purpose. Abu Suradi’s trail which is that gentlemen use it when going to his tine mine. It was 100+ years ago. Other historical trails are Bishop, Hemmant, Mager.. We didn’t spot many birds except a yellow woodpecker (perhaps we are too noisy). Indeed it is very fun to walk around especially misty look well balance by English smoked houses. We did drive all the roads found in Fraser Hill. It does not has divider line and very curvy. Keep honk before turning is good to alert any surprise come after the corner.

Eating in Fraser Hill is not an issue to me. There are two Chinese restaurant found near the gate and roundabout. A Malay warong behind mosque and another one call Arzed which is at another end. Pricing wise I advise you go for warong which offer you typical mamak stall menu.

I wonder how people live at Fraser Hill. We drove to a place called Taman Sungai Hijau. There are 4 block of apartments and some low roof houses. A national school was found here too. You can called this place Fraser Hill village. Most royal families have their resort located here like Selangor, Pahang and Johore. But guess their last visit was many many years ago.

Fraser Hill is a good place to escape and back to nature. It offer you total different experience compare to Genting, Colmar Tropicale and Camerons. In another word it might call it a boring place. At least I don’t think so.


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