KC and Karen Wedding Day

Just completed a wedding event coverage. Thanks to KC and Karen for support
and trust. We had delivered our best to capture the very moments for you.
This is first time to team up with Jason and this guy photo is impressive
and passionate. Jason, I love your Zeiss 16-80 which produce crispy and
contrast photo.Let’s check out some cool shots we got there.

“Karen, here I come”

The bug tea… special brew for KC’s brother team.

The furious sister team of Karen

Karen’s parent dressing up bride’s veil

Karen was emotional

First stage accomplished!

The durian is nice, I think.

Boy show curiosity on bug tea…

Finally KC has entered the house after few challenges.

“I love you Karen and promised everything!”

The happiest moment.

Blessing from parent to the just married.

The newly married arrived at their new house.

Pray for good happiness ever after.

A funny moment with unstoppable laughters.

KC got a big angpao from a generous relative.

We are home!

Yes. Good mission!

Wishing you happily ever after.


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