Travel to Jogja

This is my first time to Indonesia. Last news I heard about Yogyakarta was earth quake hit few years back badly. Two world heritage site located in Jogja – Borobudur and Prambanan has draw my attention to visit this city.

Jogja is Indonesia old capital. Art and culture are preserve well in this city. Production of handicraft like batik and wayang kulit can easily found. Hourse carriage and trishaw are common transportation for short distance. The rate is pretty reasonable. A 3km trishaw ride is about 10,000 rupiah. Some rider would take you to batik centre for shopping also earn their commission. But you can always told them you have visited already and not interested. If the rate is too much you can walk to other trishaw rider.

Borobudur located 1 hour driving from city center. Although we reach at 6am in the morning, but it is 8am feeling as in Malaysia. Tour arrangement with local agency or hotel can get cheaper entrance ticket at 100,000 rupiah. Local people only need to pay very low visitor fee. But it worth to pay visit for this 9th century heritage. Prambanan temple located 20km from Jogja. Our tour is 60,000 covered visit to Borobudur and Prambanan in one morning trip. Somehow it would be tired especially we reach Prambanan at noon hour. The sun make no different than what we have in KL. Prambanan is Hindu candi complex and very massive build during 9th century. However during recent earth quake it was partial crack and still under restore. Only few candis is open for visit. But it is good enough to admire it from some distance. I am very enjoy this visit. It would be perfect if tour can arrange in afternoon for sunset viewing. Same time we can do jogging in Borobudur and Prambanan because both have beautiful park surrounded.

At night we make our way to Museum Sunobudoyo for wayang kulit. The performance last about 2 hours and presented in Java language. I joke with the officer it has a long storyline. Officer replied me the actual show usually last for 8 hours for normal performance. I was stunned. Language is not barrier and wayang kulit is very interesting with its unique casting and epic storyline. I like it very much and have bought a Krishna copy (perhaps now day people will prefer figure model).

Food is cheap and you must try bakso and gado-gado. My favourite is nasi goreng. People in Jogja speak bahasa so it is not difficult to communicate and understand each other. They are quite honest in my sense thus do not need to bargain hard for good price. Only inconvenience is lack of convenience store. Anyway there is a hypermarket located not far from airport. The guest house I stayed was located at Jalan Prawirotaman. Most guest house here are feature swimming pool at very low room rate. Western restaurant and cafe on both street make it a good place to relax. I will further blog this wonderful trip in details and upload more pictures.


Jogja International Airport.

Sun rise at Borobudur .

Prambanan temple.

Wayang kulit performance.

Making of wayang kulit.

Picture take with former Indonesia footballer in front of president house.


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