Jogja Attractions – Borobudur

Borobudur is located about 1 hour drive from Jogja city. It is a Buddhist
monument build in 9th century. Visit in early morning for sunrise or evening
sunset will have very dramatic view. But sunrise as early as 5.30am in Jogja
and Borobudur entrance only open at 6am, thus it would be difficult to catch
first ray of the day here. However, at 6am it already very bright and foggy
to give it mystery look. The nice moment would be at 7am after fog disappear
and revealing mountains surrounded Borobudur.

Foreign tourist need to pay higher entrance fare. My tour was arrange by
agency thus entrance ticket is given at lower rate. Walk in rate would be
USD10 compare to 100,000 rupiah I had. International visitor will enter via
visitor center as privilege and some hot beverage is served. All visitors
have to leave their food and beverage near deposit counter. It is a good
move to reduce your luggage load and littering. Private tour guide is
available for hire. Along the path from visitor center to Borobudur main gate
there are many handicraft sellers . They are offering expensive price for
items like mini model, guide books, t-shirts and etc. It is good to buy it
before you leave the park because they will try to close deal at best price. There is a museum located in park which has very detail info about Borobudur
sculpture. Some original stones are display here as well. Plenty merchandise stalls are located outside the park and open at 9am.

I found my trip was too short with only 2.5 hours is not enough to admire
all details and fine art in Borobudur. Beside some scenery nearby were
unvisited due to time constraints. Hire transportation would be best option
for individual schedule. There are public bus service to Borobudur and
availability to be confirm with locals.


2 thoughts on “Jogja Attractions – Borobudur

  1. Hi..

    Splendid photos you have there..

    My spouse and I will be heading up to Yogyakarta next month (May).

    Would appreciate if you could provide me with some tips on good eateries/places of interests etc as the website yogyes does not really tell us much.


    1. Thank you for drop by.

      I mostly eat with locals at stalls during my trip.
      You can ask the becak rider to send you to famous restaurant. They will happy to do it because can earn commission.
      I remember there is a good one near Kraton and only open after evening.
      There are plenty stalls located near Malioboro especially near Hotel Garuda. I found it is slightly pricey.

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