Jogja Attractions – Prambanan

The same morning after visited Borobudur, we are heading toward
another World Heritage – Prambanan. Jogja is a lucky place for history
and culture lovers because you have two great heritages span less than
100km. Prambanan is located approximate 30minutes driving from city
center. It was build in 8th century as a temple to worship Hindu Gods.
From Borobudur which is spreaded flat to high rising Prambanan, both
are amazing architecture to be name as Asian pyramid. After recent
earth quake the main temples area were gazetted for restoration and
safety purpose. The main temple is 47m high. It is good enough to
admire it behind the gate. Stone and sculpture in Prambanan are bigger
and massive than Borobudur. After 1000 years, it still stand still in
an earth quake active zone.

Our tour is charge 110,000 rupiah for entrance fee. It do have a
International Visitor center just like Borobudur. Tour guider is
available for hiring. Before reaching the temples is a very nice and
greenly park. There is another deer park serve as mini zoo. No
merchandise seller will chase you in the park. Thus you can take
leisure walk or even jogging to enjoy fresh air. Shoppers can spend
good time over 100 stalls located outside main entrance. It was too
hot during my noon time visit and not many pictures been photographed.
I regret didn’t take lunch in park together with local food seller
since driver is waiting us. This place definitely worth to revisit.


3 thoughts on “Jogja Attractions – Prambanan

  1. Beautiful pictures there.

    I love to do a trip to Borobudor/Prambanan. I have a visit to Indonesia coming up and like to extend for two days to enable me to do that.

    Since I would be a single traveler, is it easy to find transportation to move about.

    After checking with garuda, I can fly in on day 1 evening, have a full day in Day 2, and depart morning on day 3.

    Should i stay at Borobudor area or Jogya town?

    1. Hi Soo,

      The trishaw/beca ride in Jogja town is convenience. It is about 3km for 10,000rp.
      So make sure you negotiate with the rider before take it.

      There are not many accomodation facility at Borobudur area. I will prefer stay in town and arrange with local agency for morning visit. It take about 1 hour drive from Jogja to Borobudur. My Borobudur + Prambanan tour and entrance fee is about 280,000 rp. It take me half day to cover both heritage site. Then in afternoon you can still do some shopping in town 🙂

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