Jogja Attractions – The Food!

Eating out at Jogja is not a issue to me. The food is pretty much like
Malaysian food minus oily and over sweetened. I stayed at Jalan
Parawitoman where many western cafe are located. Most of them offer
Java dishes too. Let’s roll on my menu 🙂

Mi rebus

Nasi goreng Java


Nasi goreng

Mi rebus

Lunch for local people

Sio Mei, similar to Chinese dim sum but it made from fish paste.

Sio Mei with peanut paste sauce.

Es campur. Es is Ice.

KFC at Jogja.

Soto ayam with grilled chicken liver.

Soto ayam.

The mobile store that sell soto. Many stalls can be found in city.

Coconut drink with cincao.

Mi rebus,  again.

Nasi goreng Java, my favourite!

Ayam masak rumpuk, if I remember correctly…


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