Day 1, Sembalun Lawang – Rim Plawangan Sembalun

The torture start here. Along the road to Post II, it is like western
country side which trail in savanah. The sun is high up and wheater is
good and windy. I pretty much like this trail. After arrive at Post II
my shirt is sweatty and my leg struggling of heat. I get my self a
shirt and sock change. Journey comtinue.From Post II to Post III,
journey become more challenging. It is still savanah but we are
climbing up at average 30 degree. Luckily the hiking poles come in
handy as a support to push me forward. I am behind schedule because
taking too much rest (and photos). Guide left us walk me and a friend
to walk alone and he will meet us at Post III for lunch. Our
progression is getting slower and slower. But same time we took our
chance to admire the beutiful of Rinjani surroundings. It is so
peaceful and grasses sing while wind passes by. Finally make it at
Post III after 1 hour behind. We have some mountain monkey friends
here to lunch with us. The Mi Sedap is really delicious and not to
forget crystal sweet pineapple as desert.
After lunch, the challenges of the day begin. From Post III to
Plawangan Sembalun is all the way 50 degree uphill. I take a strategy
to rest every 20 minutes so I can have more consistent pace. The
leading members slowly disappear from my sight. I am on my own again.
Slope over slope, it is like never ending. I keep myself cheer up by
having snacks all time. The journey turns into somehow Christmas kind
of scenery where I see pine trees and small plants everywhere. By the
time I reach campsite, it is already sunset. I squeeze my energy to
capture some gorgeous crater rim pictures before day settle in dark.
It is a long day and I doubt whether I can survive for tomorrow summit
contend. I chew the Powerbar Plus which is high protein and claims can
rebuild my muscle. Myth or truth I have to try. My body went into deep
sleeping mode after that. I was awake in midnight because the coldness
and hard ground surface. Couldn’t get back to sleep anymore and hug
myself in semi-conscious mode.

See the full gallery on posterous


2 thoughts on “Day 1, Sembalun Lawang – Rim Plawangan Sembalun

  1. Waaa…nice series bro.
    Cantek banget deh pemandangan dr atas tu…
    Admire the green forest with mist..very2 cool…susah nak dpt.

    p/s: your lens not affected by the moist??

    1. Tak usah lah saya bawak slr berat naik bukit.. It is really tiring!
      But appreciate the oppurtunity to capture something deep in jungle and mountain. Those moist is not a problem because volcanic moutain is very dry instead. However I sent my camera to service center dur to many volcano ash trap inside.

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