Day 3, Lake Segara Anak – Pelawangan Senaru

The side of volcano has blown into big hole. After a quick breakfast we evacuate before too late. Jungle trekking through the lake side and going up to Pos Cemara Lima. Good night sleep and 2 days experience make me feel better in this morning. The plantation on this trail is much more heavy than previous. At the point near post it requires some cliff climbing. At top of the post we can witness the mighty view of Danao Segara Anak before going down to Pelawangan Senaru. The trail is descending at 20 degrees which allow me to run moderately all the way down. Lunch break at Post II before we continue sprint to Senaru entrance. A temporary park closure notice was advertised at Senaru information centre. We are the lucky one to get out safe and witness greatest moment of volcanic activities over two days. Once arrived at accommodation, I showered twice!! Also, I can sleep on soft bed tonight.

The peace over Segara Anak lake. Volcano eruption!! Going up to Post Cemara Lima. I View from Post Cemara Lima before evacuate from crater rim. Monkey at Post II Reach the main entrance ahead schedule time. It is all about running. Refuel before I continue running. This is stall just outside Senaru entrance gate. Park closure notice. All hikers has been recalled. I didn’t know I have walked so far.. That is a good info to describe my journey. Finally can sleep on soft bed tonight 🙂 Group photo of all hikers and porters.


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