Rinjani Mission – post review

I went for a jog today. I done 3km without stop and feel good for this. Look like my stamina has gain back after the Rinjani mission. My next target is taking part in 10km run and final target – full marathon. It would require a lot of preparation and efforts. Hope I can make it before age 35.

Science and research always my favorite.  Let’s review what equipment support me to reach Rinjani peak as a rookie.

Lafuma Escapes: This one is nice. 35L, ventilatiation back, rain cover included. I bought this from HK during April at HKD 500. It serve me well and I am very happy with it although Deuter is more tough build quality, but price of 30% higher.

Camelbak: I didn’t get the reservoir inlet so bought this for replacement. The web says it will encourage drinking and I found it very easy to rehydrate myself during trekking. Just bite and water will flow into mouth. It is 3 litters and come with zip on clip to attach on backpack. Good one!

Cloud9 wafers and Snickers: These are not snack but it really help. I keep chewing when I feel tire and depress especially on challenging terrains. It give me a boost when I am exhausted.

Oralite dehydrate salt: This is to mix in water as supplement. I feel less thirsty after drinking.

Powerbar protein plus: It contains 23g of protein which help to rebuild muscle after sports. Yes. I feel less muscle pain in next day after chew half piece in end of first day trip.

Mund merino socks: First I thought of few layer of cotton socks will keep me warm in the cold night. Luckily I bought this because it is cheap, RM26. My feet will frozen if I didn’t wear it. Next trip I will get a merino glove.

Muscle sticker: This is use by old man. As long as it can reduce muscle stress, who care its stingy herbs smell?

Coleman trekking pole: This is for entry level but very good. Come with anti-shock absorber and compass in top of handle.  It is extendable to 1.5m.  My another trekking pole was suffered from absorber jam. It never happen to Coleman.


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