Petronas Primax RON95 – test drive review


Petronas stations in Putrajaya are pioneer in selling RON95 petrol before officially introduce to whole Malaysia in upcoming September. I pump a full tank to my bike after visiting waterski competition in Putrajaya. My fuel tank is almost empty and I can judge how good the fresh RON95 fuel is. I use RON97 petrol all time, although RON92 is applicable to my bike. Notice that RON95 give more vibration to my bike compare with RON97. I can feel it from the handle shaking after cruising above 90km/h. No improvement on acceleration. Fuel economy wise, no big different, level at 50km/l (but it save me Rm0.05 compare with Rm1.80 of current RON97)


Yellow Pump for Primax95 will be your fuel choice from September onwards since it will be cheaper then Primax3. Suprisingly the fue colour is yellowish too.

Yellow Pump for Primax95 will be your fuel choice from September onwards since it will be cheaper then Primax3. Suprisingly the fuel colour is yellowish too.


Plenty info says that RON is not going to give more power boost. RON is just basically an indicator on how it reacts to engine knocking. High performance engine like race car usually demand higher RON fuel such as RON98, which is our Shell V-Power. Normal car engine usually are rated as RON95. Hence using RON97 is a waste since engine will not gain any improvement beside you pay for higher fuel price of RON97. I highly doubt about this. Once in a blue moon I use to pump V-Power (RON98) because it can help my bike to maintain top speed much easier. Not to forget about smooth acceleration of it. RON92 is cheaper but it just too many vibration from engine and no fuel economy advantage. It is quite reluctant in fast acceleration, thus I end up to throttle more for high speed.

Conclusion, pick the fuel suit your driving style. If I am going to maintain average speed, lowest RON is OK for me. Since I am a speed racer who travel 150km per day, high speed is only thing I look for, so RON97 still my favor. RON98 when I feel the need for speed. 



14 thoughts on “Petronas Primax RON95 – test drive review

  1. If i’m not wrong, all fuel sell in Malaysia is RON 92 and 97 and coming soon RON95. No RON98.where you got info Shell V-Power is RON 98?

    1. I also heard it was RON97, but some proof show it is RON98.

      Updated: Found the latest info in Shell Malaysia

      “Shell’s V-Power Racing fuel has a minimum value of RON 97.”
      Is this mean more than RON 97 is possible? Haha.. Tricky answer!

    1. Good article, Nazril! Although many sources prooven than RON not equal with performance. But somehow I still feel different between RON92 and RON95 on my vehicle (car & bike). Is it because RON92 fuel is low quality since no big demand on it as mentioned in the article?

  2. Previously I was using the PETRONAS PRIMAX97 on my VIOS, and lately when my tank about finish, I pumped a tank of SHELL SUPER95 for a try. Since the tank is about empty before refill, I can immediately feels the SUPER95. I experienced more vibration and rough noise from the engine, and lack of responsive during normal acceleration. However, the mileage also slightly lowered. I’m seriously disappointed with such low quality fuel. I refilled the full tank of PETRONAS PRIMAX97 before the price went up.

    1. John, I have same experience. According Petronas FAQ,

      Q. Can a higher octane fuel give me more power?
      A. If you are already using the recommended octane fuel, you will not obtain added power from higher octane level.

      Q. Does a lower octane fuel increase engine wear?
      A. Not if you are meeting the octane requirement of the engine.

      My bike accept octane from RON88 onwards. Even I tested RON92 and RON95, but both still not as good as RON97. I highly doubt the low octane fuel quality in Malaysia. Otherwise we should feel no different in engine vibration and noise.

  3. Shell V-Power is RON98, please goto Shell website and check out before you criticise other people and do no homeworks.
    If Shell V-Power is not RON98, then you should screw Shell, not us.

  4. i use yamaha lagenda 110cc
    i stick to BHP ron 95

    I got extra mileage
    but accelaration dropped
    top speed still the same.

    so since it is cheap and gives extra lileage Km , i prefer ron 95

    engine noise and vibration , etc i don’t care cause i ride with a ear-plug.


    for my suzuki belang R i cannot use ron97 ron 98(v-poewr)
    cause the bike carburator has diaghpgram and the higher octane will ake the rubber koyak after 25,000km

    and also BHP ron 95 not good for suzuki belang r.
    i now testing with shell ron 95

    1. Yeah. BHP new formula surprise me as well. It give me extra miles too. I will do a second test to confirm.
      How is the Belang R fuel consumption? It is very sporty and tempting for me.

  5. rick lee,

    i surrender

    after consulting my specialist mechanic and internet speacialist and engineer from petrol company

    i admit that motorcycle are not same as car

    motorcycle has the highest compression

    furthermore lower ron gives knocking

    now i decided to use Ron 97 for suzuki belang and yamaha lagenda

    now testing which is best ron 97

    caltex vs shell vs esso

    1. Good one GC! I believe higher RON is better for the engine and performance. The RON95 marketing words just can’t prove it is same with RON97 quality.

    1. I think the fuel addictive is what make every petrol brand vary in performance. By trying each type of petrol and select the one you like most (or your engine like most). Last time I like Primax2 before Primax3, now I found Shell actually the best contemporary.

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