Prince Siddhartha The Musical

This musical is marvelous and proudly Made in Malaysia. It has been
tour around the world for more than 10 years. The ancient Indian
culture is represent lively again. It was perform in mandarin with
English subtitles. From a upper circle seat at Istana Budaya, RM68 is
just too bargain for two hours of world class musical performance. I
love it so much and stolen few shots from stage. It is no doubt for me
to watch it over again.

Quoted from promotion ads:

~ A poignant life journey of one of the greatest men in time

Prince Siddhartha – The Musical, a full-length musical in Mandarin,
created and produced by some of the best talents from the Malaysian
music, television, theatre and dance scenes.

The musical received overwhelming responses and rave reviews when it
premiered in Kuala Lumpur in October, 1999, as well as when it toured
Singapore, South Africa and Indonesia. Over 100 thousands audiences
were deeply moved and greatly inspired by the poetic depiction of the
sojourn of Prince Siddhartha in ancient India. Prince Siddhartha gave
up a life of prestige and wealth to go in search of truth in life, and
eventually became one of the greatest teachers of all time.

Prince Siddhartha – The Musical is essentially an Eastern story
re-told and staged in a Broadway musical style. Presented by a cast
of award-winning and/or professionally trained performers, the show
also features a captivating music score putting together classical,
new- age and ethnic elements, vibrantly coloured stage design, lavish
costumes and advance animation effects. Easily accessible to all,
Prince Siddhartha – The Musical has gained high acclaims on both its
artistic and entertainment values.


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