Pizza Milanos

Food tastes nicer and yummier when you are happy and full of laughters
I guess. We gather for a friend’s birthday and decide to dine here.
The service is FAST! I haven’t even draw out my camera and they are
already serving our orders! Top points for their services!
Food is yummier than your normal fast food fare. My friends loved the
meatballs and the creamy spagetti with loads sauces! I loved the
waffle. So crispy and sweet with maple syrup. Lick lips!
We whisked to watch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen after the
dinner. Icy kept thinking we going to watch Terminator! XD
Storyline: 3 of 5 stars
Acting: 4 stars for Sam, Leo and Simmons only!
Action: 4 stars
Cool scenes: Robot transforming of cuz!
Will recommend to friend, why: It’s so funny!!Even the evil
Decepticons are funny!
Till we meet again next time, Happy Birthday to you P.Chek and twin!!

See the full gallery on posterous


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