A Slice of Heaven

In mood for some dessert only lunch. Only for take away, no dine in. This shop is famous for the Durian Choco Cake, but I’m not ready to explore cake with durian inside yet… *_*

Butter Cream cupcake: RM 4.9
Normal no fuss butter cream cupcake. In actual, this cake tastes the best!

Banana Cream Pie: RM 9.9

with cream custard, you gotta eat it while its still cold. The pastry is very crispy!

Red Velvet: RM 7.9

Again you have to eat it while it’s cold because after it settled to room temperature, the chocolate sponge cake is rather dry and not rich enough! The frosting is cream cheese I think. Not butter cream.

Chocolate Cheese Mini Cake: RM 8.9

OopSie! We thought the it’s a chocolate cake with cream cheese fillings but turns out that only the toppings is cheesy, the rest of the cake is a normal rich chocolate cake

Fancy chocolate cupcake: RM 6.9

Normal fancy chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting. I think they use the same cake as the choco cheese cake above. Love the silver beads and fondant flowers deco!

Too many cupcakes in a day makes you dizzy!

Directions: at Jaya One Cold Storage side, enter the lane where you see Famous Amos stall and walk to the end of the lane.


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