Sony Cybershot HX1 experience

The Sony HX1 is one of the camera that catch my attention lately. It
features the same component use in alpha dslr such as Bionz image
processor, Exmor CMOS sensor and G lens. Sony calls this combination
image3. A user experience program was hosted in One Utama last week.
All the latest handycam and cybershot line ups are available for user
trial during the event. A fashion walk was sponsored by Jaspal for
this programme. Many audiences grab this opportunity to shoot with
Sony camera. Of course the fashion walk draws attention of other brand
photo enthusiast as well. I have grabbed this chance to evaluate HX1.
What I like about HX1,
1. Superior image quality for digital camera range. Natural colour
rendition and details. Acceptable picture noise.
2. Face detection make shooting cat walk at a breath, no headache in
focusing model faces.
3. Big LCD screen for easy composition.
4. Hi Speed continuous shoot capture the fast movements.
5. Good menu control where key functions (aperture, ISO, bracket,
shooting mode…) are accessible without browsing menu.
6. First in the world, panorama panning! Just pan your camera either
from left-to-right or top-to-bottom, it will stitch it into one
beautiful panorama. No need post-processing in computer.
What I dislike about HX1,
1. Zooming is slow and the LCD display is lagging behind. I missed
quite some shots because waiting LCD refresh.
2. Camera will lock up after continuous hi-speed shooting to write
images into memory card. I didn’t use this feature although it is
3. Electronic view finder (EVF) is too small.. but who need this with
a 3″ LCD? But it might come handy for battery saving.
Generally, Sony HX1 is an eye-opener for me again for digital camera.
When picture quality is not the demand then this small camera is
always fun to use in daily live. No dslr can beat it conveniences.

See the full gallery on posterous


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