Ayam Penyet AP

Ayam Penyet RM 7

Having been to Indonesia few times sometimes we will miss their food. So we decide to try this shop we always see on the way to Sunway Pyramid.

Riki ordered two of his fave Indo food, ayam penyet RM7 and gado gado. He sums the ayam penyet in three letters, ‘YUM!’. The juicy fried chicken and its crispy bits of bumbu is very delicious! The sambal is quite hot (for me, tho). The ayam penyet platter has – cucumber, a slice of very thick cabbage, fried tofu(beancurd), blanched kangkong (water spinach) but no tempe?!

The gado gado RM4 (mix fresh vegetables with peanut sauce) is a plate of diced cucumbers, tofu, blanched cabbages, taugeh (bean sprouts), shredded lettuce, diced boiled potatos, and with a lot of fried onions sprinkles and crackers!! The sauce is sweet, if you wanted spicy version, order the Sayur Pecel.

I ordered passion fruit bubble tea RM3.5. The pearls are soft and chewy! It’s insanely sweet but by the end of our meals, when the ice melted, it’s fine.

I want to try the Sup Sayur Asam RM 3.5 (Sour Vege Soup) but I think having young jackfruit as one of the ingredient is kinda too adventurous. I want to try Fried Eggplant RM 2.5 too!

Gado Gado RM 4

Bubble Tea RM 3.5

Address: 74 Jalan SS 15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia

Directions: From Subang, drive pass Sunway Pyramid on your right side and turn left after Caltex, take the first right when you see Shell and go straight till the end of the road, turn left.


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