Car Detailing

It has been some time I didn’t show care to my car. If I’m not in
photography, I might just do car detailing every weekend. It was 2
years ago when I seriously consider into this hobby. Some premium car
products, rotary buffer and plenty of time will get the show car job
done in home garage. Of course passion is a must ingredient in all

Today I try to recap my forgotten hobby in simple way.

1. Spray and splash water to car body to remove surface dust and dirt.

2. Wash car with two bucket method from top to down. A bucket of car
wash and another bucket of clean water. By using a micro fiber cloth,
dip into soap and wash your car. Then rinse it into clean water bucket
and repeat again. You will notice the clean water getting dirty and it
is time to fill another one.

3. Wipe and dry the car.

4. Soap the car again with a clay bar with very thin car wash mix.

5. Rinse the car again and dry off.

6. Apply wax and equally in circulate motion. Do a section each time.
Let it dry for few minutes.

7. Buff of the wax by a clean cloth or rotary buffer. I use Black and
Decker WP900. It is make the task easier and less tiring.

8. Repeat waxing and wipe off until full car is done.

9. Polish the headlamp and tail lights with dedicated wax.
10. Wipe the car again with a clean cloth.

11. Sit back and admire what you have accomplished.

Wow! I hope it does not sounds complicated. This is just for beginner.

Or else car wash center might be the best choice overall.


3 thoughts on “Car Detailing

  1. hello can u email me gunshead ad yaho dot com

    9. Polish the headlamp and tail lights with dedicated wax.

    u said above

    can i have the brand of the wax? is it ok with soft99?

    i want to put on my bike light cover lens

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