Eason Chan Moving on Stage 26 (Final Stage) Promo Tour

Eason Chan, one of the most hardworking HK artiste ever. He released an album or two, few movies and had a concert tour all in one year!

Last year I attended Moving on Stage (MOS) 9 in July. Frankly speaking, I did not enjoy it much because it was a hot day; we paid good money for some quite far away seats and were gas poisoned by cigarette smokes coming from the back rows. How can you allow smoking in concert area? Tsk Tsk! Anyway we had great fun and took some silly photos after the concert.

Let’s see some pictures from last year concert and his recent promos here in Kuala Lumpur.

After the MOS9 June08. Still happy!

On the way out!
Taken during the concert. Paid RM230+ and see this tiny person!

Singing the super famous and highly on demand song “浮夸”

I like tis picture not only it has some cool showers of fireworks but also look at Eason’s crazy pose. Like some rubbery toy with the arm out! (^.^)/

Eason in UTAR early July09

HaHa. I guess Eason was not listening to the MC.

The crowd outside Sunway Pyramid.

One second so serious

The next second so silly billy

Eason giving out autograph. One firm handshake and huge grin everytime.

This year, his final closing MOS concert, known as MOS 26 is happening next week 16 Aug at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach! All rock zones! No sit-sit! We are expecting this final stage of Moving on Stage will be his greatest ever in Malaysia! I think the management is rather brave to pull this act because he confirmed his concert last month and they have just one month to promote the sales of the tickets! I grabbed mine on the second day of sales! =)

Ticket Price:
RM298, RM198, RM98

To Eason, YESS, you can encore all you want, we are READY!!! And YESS, you can sing Cantonese songs, we loved it!

See you there!

Updated: Eason Chan Moving On Stage 26 concert post is here!


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