What I had learned from KLPF?

The best part of Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) is seminar.
There are more than 40 free seminars talk about photography, travel
and latest product. It make this exhibition far more valuable to
visitor. Beside spend time on bargain booth and model shooting, I
found my schedule pack with seminars most time.

Martin Shock from Ricoh introduce the GR Digital III. A super compact with F1.9 fixed lens. The multi-pattern white balance really a breakthrough technology.

Wong Zi Shan was sharing her Buenos Aires travel experience. A beautiful city with friendly people. There are many gardens in town and sun bath is everyone’s favourite.

Azul’s tour to Greece is short and pack. His Canon 400D and Lumix LX3 combined to be good travel companion. He did a beautiful slideshow featured backgroud music from Greece.

I was in another seminar while Louis began his talk. Good sharing from him as a proessional photographer. He did demo potraiture shooting on stage. “Your model must feel comfortable and confident in order to achieve good photography”, lesson learned.

Lin Sheng and Kim Teoh in forum.

Nguyen from Hanoi who do fashion photography. Most of her fashion shots is taken at old buiding which make it very unique and elegant. She is based on natural light to bring out the beautiful clothing colours. Don’t forget her creative composition and angle.

I will never forget Mr Foo’s Bali photo series with perfect exposure in over 1000 images. He told me no filter was used and just tweak your camera to achieve good blue sky exposure (sunny F16 rules?). And his composition always featuring good story telling. By mastering basic photography skills and practice will make you perfect.

View from Tamron booth upper deck. I did not bring a wide angle for this.

Chew’s wedding photography is very natural and candid. I found that my style is similar as him but ofcourse still loooong way for me to catch up to his level.

Pierre Teh is a superman who can do photography, make-up, backdrop design and now car fibre sportskit. He told us shoot and don’t think or analyze too much from viewfinder. Once the moment gone it is done.

Lee Chee Keong, a press journalist who disclosed non-published content to audience. It is really a eye opener to us. His job required truth and unbias photography.


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