Eason Chan Moving On Stage 26 Malaysia Concert (Final Stage)

Rushing from KLPF to Sunway, previously we purchased the blue zone
tickets but got ushered to the yellow ticket zone because we are so
late, got stuck at the super longish queue at the entrance! I missed
one of my fave song K歌之王! For those who didn’t know, K歌之王was one of
the most highly anticipated song in any Eason Chan concert along with
” K歌之王”. I know it’s so great of Eason to make it as an opening song,
but I’m not there yet!! To save my own sanity, I went for a 4-hours
Karaoke sessions on the next day. =)

Oh ya they drained the surf beach, so we are standing at the bottom of the pool actually!

He sang 28 songs, kinda lesser than normal and because this is the
last leg of the concert, we all thought the encore will last for
hours! Although this venue is happening but I think it’s time we
should give him the chance to perform in some air-conditioned area
like Bukit Jalil Indoor stadium. He was sweating like crazy every
time! Everyone loved the super hot medley of songs from the previous
kings of Cantonpop (Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai,
Leslie Cheung and Alan Tham). We loved the singing, the dance, the
energy, the way he mimicked their voices. Older crowd loved the
reminiscence hits from the 90s and the younger crowd just treated
those songs as new songs! He performed that in Jade Solid Gold music
award before but it’s totally different scene when performing in front
of just his fans troop!!

It was three hours of a lot of dancing, screaming and waving! Having
Rock Zone for the whole concert are great idea. This is my third Eason
Chan concert and this time it’s my fave! I can barely limp out from
the surf beach after the concert, didn’t realised that my legs had
turned jello after three hours!

I liked the part where he gave some super screamers fans a weird look
and asked ‘ Why are you screaming so loudly? Very stressed at work
meh??’ and of course, the fans screamed louder than ever. He even
mentioned he can hear us screaming from his hotel room. ;P

Eason appreciates his band and dancers a lot. The whole time he kept
thanking them, thanking the dancers and of course us fans! We were
showered with a display of fireworks after his last song. It was kinda
smart of the organiser because everyone was busy looking at the
fireworks, we didn’t realise that he had LEFT!! But of course,
experienced fans like us knew that once he sang ‘與我常在, no amount of
encore screaming will bring him back to the stage. =)

Fireworks capped of this concert and we all wish his future concerts
can be as great as this! Eason K歌之王!!

Don’t you like the contrast? The real stage and the big screen..

Eason’s Mom made appearance!! Hello!

Capping the end of MOS tour with huge fireworks!

Check out Eason Chan MOS Promo pictures taken in July


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