A blind date with Olympus PEN ep-1

This event was brought by Olympus Malaysia and Heritage Station Hotel
(thanks to Llyod). This was my second time to shoot at Heritage Hotel
since early January attended Master Lin Sheng class at same venue. I
like this place very much because it is unique and historical.
Situated in busy railway station but you can always find peace here
during weekend (Malaysian doesn’t travel by train during weekend?).
Any corner of this building will make me indulgence.

All participant is given a unit of Olympus Pen ep-1 with twin lens
kit. Organizer show a short film of Pen history. I known Pen is
Olympus very famous camera during 60-70 era. Because it is small size,
ease to use and inexpensive. The later version is lens
interchangeable. The renewed version of Pen, ep-1 which is based on
micro 4/3 standard. It doesn’t have single-reflex-lens structure and
have lens interchangeable ability. This make it a good mix between SLR
image quality and compact camera mobility.

The ep-1 body is build from metal and make it very exclusive on hand.
Its vast menu options shown that this gem carry many functions like
other advance camera. It take me a while to familiar with it menu. The
rotary and jog dial make menu access much faster than solely using
navi key. After short briefing we are beginning to shoot 2 models and
a pre-wedding couple. Professional photographer John Ishii, Zuhri
and Tommy Yap are our guide.

I love the art filter built in which save the image with effects such
as soft focus, pin hole, high grain black, pale tone and so. Most of
my shots was taken using art filter because it is so handy and
beautiful. Especially the sot focus and pin hole is absolutely perfect
for portraiture and fashion shot. My battery was flat after 300 shots
because I am excessing using art filter and photo review 🙂 The 17mm
pan cake lens is sharp and have good bokeh. The 14-42mm zoom lens
provide more composition flexibility. Probably to use with SLR, I feel
ep-1 is a bit slow in image processing, menu respond and shutter
delay. As a casual shooter this should’t be a issue. There is no
built-in flash but its ISO is pretty clean until 1600. It is so relax
to carry a SLR capability camera at fraction of its weight. I didn’t
feel tired at all. Same time I feel trendy with ep-1 hanging around 🙂

I only have few photos here since the full copy will return to me in
DVD later. Great time I had today.

Alex and Melissa



A close up on my bag zip. Sharp enough?


5 thoughts on “A blind date with Olympus PEN ep-1

  1. Hello Riki Lee! Thanks for coming to our Humble event!!! I hope you enjoyed yourself!! So you want a copy of your DVD ar??? Can can…. tell me where to send it to ….

    1. Hi Chain,

      I am using the loan unit from Olympus Malaysia during the workshop.
      It is a great camera and hot selling now at most camera shops in Malaysia. The price is about rm2.8k with a 14-42mm zoom lens.
      Panasonic has launch a similar model, Lumix GF1.

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