Ramadan Bazaar at Section 17

Ramadan bazaars selling food and drinks are available everywhere in
Malaysia during the fasting month. It’s a hit with everyone, not
limited to just our fasting friends. Stalls start selling food from
4pm till 7pm+. Try check if there is any Ramadan bazaar around your
area and give it a try!

I love to look at trays of colorful homemade kuih, packs of colorful
cool drinks and cups of dadih. Best sellers are grilled items such as
Ayam Percik (grilled chicken), Ayam Pangang Madu (Honey grilled
chicken), Ayam Golek, Ikan Pangang (grilled fish), Kebabs and famous
Satay. For rice dish, the famous ones are Nasi Ayam Berempah, Nasi
Kerabu, Nasi Campur and Nasi Dagang.

My favorite discover at this bazaar in Section 17 is roti bom, its
sweet, a bit crispy and can be eaten plain. This usually oily roti is
not so oily this time but still quite guilty to eat. ;P

Colorful drinks RM 1 per pack (from left Chrysanthemum, Longan, Corn, Honeydew and Tamarind drink)

Cucur Udang (Prawn Fritters) RM 0.40 per piece

Nasi Ayam Berempah RM 4 per box

Fried Noodle RM 1.5-RM 2.5 per packet

Roti Bom RM 1 per piece

Apam Balik – unsure.. 🙂

1. Wear a hat because the sun is still hot around 4pm.
2. Bring reusable plastic containers to pack food or a tote bag to
carry food. Reduce the usage of plastic bags.
3. Parking near the bazaar is quite hard to find so do some exercise
by park further away and walk there.
4. Food looks great and you want to buy everything, but don’t
overspend. =) Budget for RM 5-6 per person should be sufficient.

Riki should be able to take nicer pictures of Ramadan Bazaar. =)


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