Freshwater Prawns at Tualang

Last week we went to Tualang for seafood. For five of us girlies the
bills is less than RM150 at Lung Seng Seafood Restaurant. The
restaurant is packed with diners! We had to sit at the restaurant next
door! But worry not, Lung Seng had arrangement with this shop (that
sells pau in the morning), we can sit there and order their drinks. So
harmony. =) Remember to book a table next time!

What we ordered: two plates of 600g prawns (crispy oatmeal and
stir-fried with soy), two crabs (sweet, sour, spicy styled with mantou
for dipping), satay sotong, belacan fried pucuk paku, ginger steamed
catfish and fried rice. Yum. As expected, we couldn’t finish it and
had to pack a crab and two prawns home. =)

Everyone loved the prawns, they are very juicy fresh! But not really
as sweet as the wild prawns (?) because these prawns are cultured. We
can see tanks of innocent prawns in front of the restaurant. They keep
their prawns with fishes, see if you can spot one..

LooLoo loved the crispy oat more than the prawns, I love it equally =)

Stir-fried prawns with soy sauce/ oyster sauce RM 26- the prawns are
smaller than those in our crispy oats

Satay Squid RM 10 (yau yu without the kangkung)- may look like nothing
special but the sauce are great and the yau yu so chewy

Sweet/ sour/ spicy crabs RM 35 for two- the gravy are nice, great to
dip with mantou RM2 for four, but it’s not exactly very fresh
though… hmm

Fried rice to go with the nice seafood. It’s tasty! Yum Yum! The
portion you see here is for one person, RM 4.

The ginger steamed catfish is kinda hot for me. They are so generous with the ginger, you can see more ginger than the fish. Seng says the ginger are from Betong Pahang, spicy type! Kiang gimme a nice piece of meaty fish cheek, the best piece of meat on a fish she says. Thanks!

Other recommended dish: Steamed prawns, butter prawns
Lung Seng Seafood Restaurant
10, Jalan Besar
31800 Tanjung Tualang
05-360 0735
016-551 2089

After seafood dinner we went to sing K…toss!

First timer at K-box at Jusco, I like how their song selection system provides
pinyin for chinese songs, but don’t be too happy yet, only the songs
are with pinyin, not the whole song! So I only mumble all the way
only.. haha.. someone faster invent pinyin karaoke ok! RM 268 for 5
hours of singing, one barrel of Heineken, three jugs of random soft
drinks, platters of fried snacks like nuggets and fries and few bowls
of tidbits.

They do not have cute hygienic mic cover like Redbox or
flat screens. And one of their mic kept making buzzing noise yucks.
They came and fix few times but it’s still buzzing, at the end, they
gave us a free jug of pepsi. Huh.

The climate in the room is like of Alaska, I was freezing there with Sitt Sott and hey, they have blanket for loan. I try not to think about the cleanliness of the blanket but no rashes. LOL! Vie’s hubby are the comic relief of the night, like it or not. LOL!


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