Join the Pact with Mika Hakkinen

I always like Mika Hakkinen because he is ‘cool’ and calm. Mika also
one of the most fear driver in Michael Schumacher’s list. This time
Mika visit to Malaysia for Johny Walker Never Drink and Drive
campaign. He rev the supercar in front Sunway Pyramid with other
celebrities and VIP. Despite the uneven road surface and huge crowd
surrounded, he still demo superb control and 180 degree drifting. The
patron in supercar must had their heart pop-out. Before he make move,
audience has chance to get their merchandise authorgraph by F1 Wordld
Champion. There is even fans presented the McLaren model car to Mika.
Sadly the next day supercar run in Sepang is not open to public. What
a missed to see him on real track. But most important lesson of the
day is – Never drink and drive!

Mika: Never Drink and Drive!

Mika is people person.

Is him the Johny Walker?

Signed and join the pact!
See the full gallery on posterous


3 thoughts on “Join the Pact with Mika Hakkinen

  1. This is a excellent blog with fantastic detail also the photos are wonderful, i have no printer and i cant afford buy these outstanding snapshot, so Mr Lee could you please post them on to me, i don’t mean by e-mail thank you so much.
    Mika is just as good as Michael Schumacher on the issues of Don’t drink and Drive. Well done on this great blog.
    Mr lee here is my details.
    Mrs Gail j Gray,
    17, Gunthorpe Road,
    SL7 1UH England.

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