My Hanoi Experience

There are plenty blogs and guides talking about Hanoi and the famous
Halong Bay. Thus I decide to share some fun facts during my 4D3N trip.

1. There are very limited English signboard in Hanoi. So be prepare to
ask around and not everyone speak English too.
2. Uncountable and unstoppable motorcycles on the road. If you want to
cross just walk as usual to opposite. The motorcyclist will avoid you.
Pedestrian rule! But don;t make eye contact or look at the
motorcyclist, it will make them confuse!
3. Hardly see any music store or anyone listening radio. My ride to
Halong Bay and Perfume Pagoda was on a silent tour bus.
4. TV feature most of the International channels, just like our Astro,
but this one is totally FREE!
5. No need to bargain hard because Hanoi seller will sell you standard
price same as they offer to local. (You can try to bargain if you
speak good in Viet)
6. There is a famous fruit milk shake located near Water Puppet
theater. Make sure you have a glass to complete your Hanoi tour.
7. Water Puppet show is so unique and special. The ticket is just
VND40,000 (RM8). Brilliant and bravo!
8. Be at Hoan Kiem to catch some romantics moments.
9. Every street in Old Quarter is selling specific products.It is very
convenience to do shopping.
10. Most buildings in Hanoi are slim and tall.
11. There is no really a pagoda in Perfume Pagoda.
12. In weekend you wouldn’t to miss Dong Xuan night market.
13. Ask for price before you buy. My friend bought few bananas for RM8
while a bicycle woman approach him outside the bus.
14. The local brew beer only cost VND3000 (RM0.60). Cheaper than water!
15. The wires hanging around city is art. The cable guy does amazing
stuff to manage it.

Ask for more pictures


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