Bangkok in Panorama

Travel is to open your eyesight. No matter how wide your camera lens
angle can go, it still can’t beat a human vision. Not to mention about
bird-eye or fish-eye effect.

I have try some panorama stitch on Photoshop CS3 on my recent Bangkok
trip photos and it works very well. The panorama is a puzzle from few
images and it is not necessary to be horizontal or vertical format,
you can have both! CS3 is smart to identify the puzzle and blend theTha Chang Wang Lang
colour perfectly. Few tips for do panorama stitch.

1. Shoot the scene in portrait mode (put your camera in vertical)
2. Do preview in viewfinder/LCD and sweep from starting-point to
end-point to make sure you have cover the interesting subject you
3. Maintain the horizontal at your best. You can have a tripod assist.
4. Maintain the same zoom range, do not change your zoom angle for whole scene.
5. Leave some gap so each image captured have a overlap point. You are
not required to crop very tight, about 70% will do. 30% is section
which captured in previous shot.
6. Shoot the image as fast as possible to avoid lighting change or
other moving objects in scene.
7. If there are many moving objects in scene, you might want to wait
until everything still up or slow down.
8. Do your post processing in Photoshop CS3 or later. Voila!

Complicated? Get a Sony HX1 with in-built sweep panorama function!

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Market near Grand Palace

Jim Thompson House living hall

Jim Thompson House staircase to second floor. It was special because Thai house build staircase outer.

Receptionist and souvenir shops at Jim Thompson House.

River behind Jim Thompson House

Rama VIII Bridge

Rama VIII Bridge

Thanon Sam Sen Street, the place I lodged. Near Khaosan.

Menam Chao Phraya

Grand Palace. (Missed the top part :()

Thanon Prajadhipok bridge near Saphan Phut pier

Display at Museum of Siam. Muay Thai, Thai dancer, street food, various races.. This is Thailand.

Museum of Siam. Very interactive Plearn (play+learn) driven tour.


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