My experience to motoGP 2009 Sepang, Malaysia

The best gift for motorsports fans would be witness the race or
drivers from the racing track. It definitely beat the grand stand
viewpoint. On race track everything is extra lively, it’s not just
adrenaline stimulating. I am so thankful for the opportunity given by
Dorna to access Sepang Circuit paddock and track during Malaysian
motoGP 2009.

On Friday I check-in to media centre. This time I have pre-booked a
work desk and locker a day earlier so I can keep my equipments safely.
This is 3rd time I’m in media centre since SuperGT and MME2009. It
always proud to come back here and work together with other
photographers and journalists. It’s like an international media frenzy
with me sitting next to Ducati medias. I rushed to track after that to
catch the pit lane walk. Most riders welcome fans at their paddock
and without questions the Yamaha Team has the biggest crowd. Once the
session closed I went back to media desk to do some live blogging. It
is fun when you can tell the world that you are bringing this Live!
from the media centre!

Next session is the free practice and my adrenalin was pumped up and
shutter continues firing. I can’t afford to lose any good shots on the
track until I missed my lunch. Well, fortunately I had a hearty
breakfast and it is not everyday I can spend time doing the things I
that I’m passionate for. The photo shuttle feeder does a great job
totting me around circuit. It’s a comfy change to sit in VW SUV.
Sepang Circuit has the longest track in of all the motoGP races. There
are plenty of spots to catch nice shots. The most memorable one would
be turn 14 and turn 15 where racers will do wheelie after the practice
session before heading back to paddock. Additionally, at this point
you will
hear the loudest engine sounds. I need ear plugs for tomorrow session.

It was tiring after in Friday’s session but I still managed to reach
the circuit in the morning. I couldn’t remember much details on
Saturday other than shooting practices and qualification photos round
the track. It was a hot day, reported 36 Celsius degree. In media
centre I have the chance to peek at other photographer’s photos. It
was so eye catching and what I saw inspired me to do slow panning and
colour contrast boost. Bummer! The network connection on my desk is
out and I have no chance to do
live blog. I went to grand stand mall area to snap some event
pictures. This year there are lesser booths. I planned to get a new
helmet but there are limited choices. Kawasaki booth are still the
biggest and features many models. That’s how to run a motor show! At
the end of day, Rossi and Lorenzo secured 1-2 pole position. Rossi has
renewed circuit best pole timing. I missed yesterday press conference
due to the fact that I’m not aware that I can join in the live
coverage of the press con. So today, I ensure myself to join all media
and photographer in the press conference. It is LIVE in front of me!
This definitely beat the watching live on TV because I can see not
only the riders, but also other people in the room such as team
managers and officers. Another fun day ended and I rush back to town
to attend a wedding dinner.

Sunday morning I saw many motor convoys heading to Sepang Circuit.
There were antiques, superbike and cupchai (moped). It is the most
happening day for motorcycle fans in this region. In warm up session
Rossi did a wheelie in front of supporters. What a great entertainer!
That’s why everybody loves him. The 125cc always in tight battle. The
Malaysian wildcards entries finished the race and celebrating. I like
bikes rowing together and allows me to take awesome pictures. The
250cc saw Aoyama having a tough battle with Simoncelli and Japanese
claiming victory. Just minutes after the podium ceremony ended, it
rained and delayed the motoGP race from starting. The photographers
came prepared and put on their impressive complete rain gears. Most
Malaysian photographers sonly put on a disposable poncho, for them and
camera as well. I was so impressed! Soon after the rain had stopped,
the race begun. I standby in turn 4 to witness the first lap battle.
Surprisingly, Pedrosa and Stoner led the way and Rossi was at 7th
position. After few laps Stoner is flying away but Rossi did a
comeback to stay at the 3rd spot. I left turn 4 and proceed to turn
7th where Rossi fans are waiting Rossi to complete final lap to be
crowned as champion. The fans brought a real live chicken and some
eggs. In later press conference Rossi explained that old chicken
doesn’t lay egg, but this time, however ‘chicken’ (himself) did laid
some eggs for ninth times! Funny but meaningful. The fans stopped
Rossi and to congratulate him. I ran back to podium to catch the
ceremony. In press conference Yamaha explained that Rossi will decide
his future with the team. Yamaha would like to keep Rossi until he
retires from racing. To me as long as Rossi stay in motoGP the fans
will be happy regardless which team he is in. I see fans waiting at
paddock for his appearance and he will try to sign as many autographs
as possible . Year 2009 motoGP championship is very difficult
especially challenges came from teammate Lorenzo. The strong always
grow stronger, that is extra lesson I learned from this trip.

This trip is made possible by arrangement from Dorna and Sepang
Circuit. Big thank you to both and it is really a life time


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