Photography Talk by Zainal Halim

Zainal Halim is Reuter photojournalist. I always like to know how international media work. Basically he describe himself as a ‘firemen’. Company will assign him to various destination when there is news for coverage. He will find his best way to arrange all equipments, logistic, documentation and such in order to landed the news scene and start working. There are no clear guidelines and all up to his interpretation of the environment and story. Later he will need to edit caption for the photo as well. Such a amazing job he got!

Following are some sample photos taken from and quoted with photography tips by Zainal.

” a good photographer creates the pictures”

” always try to get clean background” ” Find a nice bacgkground, then wait for the subject”

“subject must stand out..”

“always think one step ahead”

“walk around” “study what to shoot”

“Know your lens, what can it do” ” 17-35, 70-200″

“Diagonal lines, nice pictures”


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