AFA 09 Singapore

This is the second edition of Anime Festival Asia in Singapore
(AFA09). The event started in 2008 and successfully creates a new
communication platform for anime industry in this region. It is an
exhibition of figurine, anime products and subculture that goes along
with. This year edition has added anime song concert perform by May’n,
Shoko Nakagawa, Ichirou Mizuki and Yoshiki Fukuyama.

AFA09 is my first visit to anime or figurine exhibition. IT is very
overwhelming and crowded. I took 30 minutes to queue for ticket. More
than 300 people are line up anytime to enter AFA09. I still see huge
crowd by the time I was leaving. The ticket is SGD15 for one day entry
and SGD25 for two days. Many fans dress in cosplay mode and enjoying
them self since morning. I saw the same cosplay gang in lobby from 2pm
till 7pm. It is kind of anime worship festival to me 😛

More than 100 booths locate in exhibition hall. The biggest one would
be Ban Dai where many toys character products can be found here like
Tamagotchi, Ben10, Gundam, Mameshiba and so on. Japan blogger Danny
Choo booth run a Tokyo Figurine Show where many beautiful artworks are
being display. The Moe Moe Kyun Maid Café waitress is all in maid
dressing but no photography is allowed. They aren’t dressing sexy but
very cute as Japan manga character. The main attraction in this area
would be shopping and taking pictures with cosplay. There is also fans
art display area.

There were events running on main stage range from speech, fashion
show, cosplay competition, karaoke and concert. All are free entrance
but the concert has ticket seating. AFA09 visitor can still view it
from open area which is about 30m from the stage.

Overall the event is good and interesting especially it get full
support from Japan sponsor and artist. I think it needs a bigger hall
next year to accommodate more crowd and activity place.

Naruto cosplay. They have been there whole day and still energetic to post for camera.

This is scary and horror.

Your toy is your signature.

Crowded ticketing booth.

This one my favourite… because I already know this, the rest of the anime I am few light years behind.


You cannot miss the vending machine!

Ban Dai user hands on corner.

This eneloop bateery tester will show you the battery charge. I want to buy it because of cute.

The Gundam win Regional Cosplay Championship. Many were shock!

This is real person and not doll.

Another cosplay group.

One more cosplay finalist.

See you next year if you want to compete in cosplay!

But the Gundam has difficulty walking down stair… Can it fly?? 😛

Danny Choo time! Storm Trooper dance!!

Danny Choo and Miracle Mirai (pronounce mi-ra-cel)

Danny Choo fans in Tokyo.

This is the biggest model in expo.

Take it!!

My childhood memory. Expensive hobby.

Kids corner.

Family time.

Kamen Rider and AFA showgirl.

Cool stuff. Making cartoon is interesting nowdays.

Danny Choo.

Beautiful Alodia.

Sorry, you can’t eat this.

Young fashion designer start from here.


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