My best friend wedding

I met VJ in year 1994 in class 1 Budi, SMK Raja Muda Musa. He is quite
chubby that time. We had a wonderful secondary school time. We are in
same class, prefect, school magazine team, sports club, tuition
classes… Almost everything happen in school will involve us. VJ
always act as a leader in helping school to carry out our
contribution. Of course the success will be effort coming from team
members name Poobalan, Thanasekar, Suntheresan, Selvan and me. After
SPM we are together again in Form Six of SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz. We
done the same thing again just as previous five years. It is more than
friendship and like brotherhood.

VJ is a very funny and humor person. Although he like to joke around
but we always serious in business and have good understanding. He has
a dream to become a doctor but we need more luck to reach that level
in this country. However he is PHD in material chemical now. He has
gone the farthest in education than any in our batch. Best wishes to
his wedding with Ms Rinjani. Another touching moment is meeting
Thanasekar and Selvan which has lost contact for long time in the
ceremony. Welcome back pal!

I have blog about VJ’s engagament in September.


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