K-Kai Steamboat and Grill

K-Kai is really a unusual name for a restaurant. Although we passed by
this restaurant everyday, no one know that it’s a Steamboat/ BBQ/
Teppanyaki restaurant! I found out when browsing for a steamboat
restaurant in Ipoh and sighed loudly. I also met one of my
Singaporean/ Malaysian friend here, Si Poren while she is busy
scopping for icecreams in the dessert corner!

For RM 21.90 per person, we can eat-all-we can from the BBQ and
Teppanyaki grill corner, roasted duck and chicken booth, dimsum
steamers, porridge island, cooked food buffet corner, sushi platter,
steamboat lane, dessert place, icecream scooping icebox, fruit salad
fridge and free flows of drinks.

On each table, we are given 4 wooden pegs numbered with our table
number. Choose what meat you want from the raw meat freezer and put it
in a plate, clip on the peg. The grill cook will grill and call the
table’s number once it’s done. It’s one type of meat per plate,
meaning you can’t have pork, beef and fish on a same plate. I like it
when they do not have limit of the slices of meat you choose. I placed
a tiny slice of pork on a plate, they still grilled it nontheless. 🙂

Choose the meat yourself, put in on a plate with peg

Someone please refill some prawns please

Grill chefs at work, Remember to listen for your table number, our
dish sat at the counter turning cold for sometime before one of the
chef says ‘ Table number 91. Please take your plate, our counter no
more space already’ LOL

The grilled meat are served with sauces, like tartar sauce for grilled
fish, brown sauce for beef and so forth on a scoop of mashed potatoes.

From top left: Steak with brown sauce, Black Peppered Lamb Chop, Fried
Fish fillets with Tartar sauce and Black Peppered Lamb Chop

Pork chop- tasted like grilled cardboard, they should soften the meat
with mallet before marinating

Minimalist pork chop

Steaks- thickly cut steaks, tasted yum!

Request to omit the filling mash potatoes

Fish- ask for grilled instead of deep fried, tasted yummier without
tartar sauce, personally I think they placed a tad too many sauce for
just three slices of fillets. We ate 7 slices of fish fillets. Yum!

Grilled Fish Fillets with Soy

Black Peppered Lamp Chop- Huge slice of tender lamb, choose lean cuts
if you don’t like fatty slice of lamb chop, choose wisely!

Prawn mushroom Alfredo spaghetti- Tasty for mom and sister but the
sauce is too thick, IMO. Five prawns!

So creamy

Teppanyaki chicken- Marinated chicken with sad looking thin
beansprouts. I thought Ipoh’s famous for it’s fat beansprouts!?

By the time we eat all these I got so full, no place for steamboats
but the tomyum soup has quite a spicy kick!

Roasted duck booth- cold cuts of roasted duck and chicken. Sis liked it.

Dimsum- plates of processed- looking steamed meat wrapped with green
wanton wrappers, not really appetising, skipped!

Porridge island- designed to make your tummy bloated so you eat less
seafood and steaks. Mom took a bowl.

Cooked food- honey chicken wings, curry chicken, braised pork, fried
noodle and rice turned cold by the time we reach there. Skipped!

Sushi platter- pathetic looking crabstick stuck on cucumber is not
sushi! Because we reach there at almost 9pm, maybe the California
rolls are all gone. Skipped!

Steamboat- Should provide more vege and fishballs choice. We were
given lettuces, chinese white cabbage and green mustard only. Crabs
are too tiny but the crabs and prawns are still fresh. Mom says the
seafood are too tiny. LOL

Choose from four soup base: Clear, Tom Yum, Herbal, Porridge

This is just the processed/ fishballs meat corner, I forgot to take
picture of the seafood and mollusks.. They have clams, lala, bamboo
clam, prawns, crabs, squids. No scallops or mussels.

Only three types of greenies…

Ice creams- My fave flavor, strawberry tasted too artifical, so I go
for the mint. They have corn, yam, chocolate vanilla, honeydew and an
unidentified orange tinted ones. Lines for icecreams can get long.

Desserts- Tong shui like casavva and bubur chacha and nyonya kueh and
dry butter cakes. I can bake better! I’m not hoping for creme brulee
or mini macaroons but at least some jello and decent sliced cakes.

Fruits and salad in a fridge- Pale watermelons, papaya and selections
of local fruit cuts for rojak. Skipped!!

Drinks- Assured with Nestle stickers, tasted like Nestle range but
suspiciously watered down and sugared up. Peach tea tasted like lemon.
I liked the sugared blackcurrant though 🙂 My advice, do not do like
my sis, she drank three cups of sugared water and declared full after
a slice of steak.

Buffet lesson by Nickee

1. Do not go at 9pm, go earlier!
2. Like all buffet place, do not waste food or risk/ you deserve being
charged RM 10 per 100 grams.
3. Do not drink those sugary drink too soon.
4. Some wet tissue might be handy.

Lot 28856, Jalan Lahat, 30020 Ipoh
(Restaurant at the driving school place in Falim)

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