Good Bye 2009!

The last day of 2009, closure for a fantastic year. Written more than 70 blog posts and snap over 30,000 pictures! And there is still a lot more which has not been publish here because my busy schedule to catch up. Having a blog is fun and responsibility to contribute knowledge to world. I have used better tags to make my posts available in most search results. I feel really great when someone told me they had learned or know something by reading my blog. Thank you again!

2009 is a year of learning , a year with new ideas and opportunities. Photography has moved beyond the amateur boundary. I strive hard to work (or pretend to) as professional photographer. Study and compare the different between pro and amateur in every sense. Deliver my best effort for my client, regardless it is a low pay task or even free service. It is my commitment and passion in building my own style and brand. All these efforts are drive by very strong passion and I believe the big time will come someday. I just need to continue doing this.

My plan for year 2010 is to venture in digital photography editing, have more portraiture shoots and contribution to charity or society. A good photo editing skill is more than icing on cake and it could top up more commercial value for the pictures. Portraiture skill will be a tough test for me on directing model and conveying my ideas and thinking in photography. Me never forget to contribute back to society as free photography service. Same time I am thinking to streamline my blog and other social network to have better exposure and consistency. Do suggest what are the Do’s and Don’ts you wish to see from me. Wish you HAPPY GREAT NEW YEAR!

Recap of 2009

January – Attended Master Lin Sheng (Taiwan) portraiture photography. Same time A100 DSLR was repair for the shutter unit.Travel to Fraser Hill during Chinese New Year.

February – Attended Thaipussam celebrations at Batu Caves and also visit to KLCC Skybridge. These two places are famous but not many Malaysian willing to do it. Not to forget MotoGP pre-season test at Sepang.

March – Good trip to Yogyakarta and world heritage Borobudur and Prambanan. Hot air balloon up in Putrajaya sky!

April – My fisrt hiking trip in life – Mountain Rinjani, Lombok Bali. Since it is first, there is nothing to compare about but It is a good benchmark for future me. My backpack was bought from Hong Kong.

May– First chance to enter Sepang Circuit paddock during AFOS 2009. I was thrilled!

June – Getting better on track with SuperGT 2009 at Sepang. Remember visit to cat city, Kuching.

July –Month of somber. My bunny pet Lobeh left our family.

August – An events packed month – CIMB squash open, KLPF, Eason Chan’s concerts, MME 2009 and Independent day. Although no parade but I did a 52 Jalur Germilang series.

September – Visit one of the most beautiful destination in ASEAN – Hanoi and Halong Bay. Also fall in love with HDR and stitch panorama. Great Escapade! Oops.. upgraded to Sony A700 DSLR.

October – Unforgettable life time experience at MotoGP paddock as a photographer. Have a break at Bangkok and got know better about neighbor stories.

November – First time attending Anime Fest and it is AFA09 at Singapore.

December – Revisit Langkawi LIMA after 8 years. Still going to do it again cause not getting good jet picture 🙂

(This blog post got no picture, hehehe.. working on 2009 gallery..)


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