KL Dragons vs Singapore Slingers

This is the first Asean Basketball League for me. It is home game of KL Dragons vs Singapore Slingers at MABA stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Dragons must win the game in order to keep the semi-final door open. It is full house crowd and the Dragons’ form is good. In beginning of 1st quarter Slingers lead the game with their fast break. But soon Dragons found their pace and overcome the score by at three-pointer very soon. The home fans supportive has boost the score gap further.  At half time break, Dragons is leading comfortably. Then lucky guest are invite to court for 3-points, half-court and free throw shoot challenge. The half court challenge jackpot is now RM49,000 since no one manage to break it. You might wan to try your luck 🙂
At the last quarter seen more physical play by Slingers and their tactic is effective to closer the gap. More fouls play to stop the game clock and Dragons is doing well in front of the free throw line. There you go, Dragons won and you still have chance to see them at MABA Stadium if they make it to final four. All the best and let’s go Dragons!

National Anthem, Negaraku.

Dragons Rudy in under tight defense by Slingers Al Vergara.

The Dragons at time out call.

42″ LCD TV winner from free throw line.

Slingers Michael Leblanc hit a block from Dragons Jamal Brown.

The home fans and percussion support.

Let’s go Dragons!

Dragons Guganeswaran hold the ball for the final quarter.

Slingers coach Frank Amega give applause to his boys in 4th quarter play.

Dragons Jamal Brown at free throw line.

Both coaches are on hot seat in final quarter.

Dragons coach Goh Cheng Huat.

Dragons home fans is extremely happy for their winning.

Final score board.


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