Yao Yao Ping and Fried Chicken at Klang

Ice cream and fried chicken are most Malaysian favorite. How about to
have both same times? We have an outing to Klang for Yao Yao Ping and
Fried Chicken. The restaurant is located at Jalan Young, about five
minutes from Tesco Klang. In front of the shop actually is the kitchen
where you order food and same time can observe how the crispy chicken
is made of. It is a bit crowded because people were queue for their
order and it reminds me the situation in Melaka Jonker Street.
Happy customers are leaving the restaurant.

Quick snap beforeΒ  aunty see my face. She is serving Yao Yao Ping.

The busy feast queue to die for πŸ™‚

When I am waiting my food to be served, these little face told me their satisfaction of eating here.

Yao Yao Bing is ice-blended drinks, just like ice-blended coffee. It
has far long history in Malaysia before ice-blended coffee is made
popular by some international brands recently. There are six type of
Yao Yao Ping flavor sold today: herbal tea (longan), kedondong, coconut
milk (bubur cha cha), red bean, cendol and sour plum. The best of course is
sour plum which always be my choice since I was a primary school
student. The price is rm1.50. There are other flavor available on different day to keep you coming back for it πŸ™‚

Six flavours! You can have this everyday. Mix flavor is available.
Inside the restaurant. You can enjoy hot fried chicken in air-con hall.

Deep frying secret recipe in progress…
After have some icy drink, here come the fried chicken. It was golden and crispy look. The temptation is high when all chickens stack on a small plate and I only manage to snap one picture before the chickens

are snatch away by friends. The frying are so even and crispy, no
additional herbs or spices flavour, it only taste fresh chicken. Eat
with sauce for the best enjoyment. This is very homemade kind cook
compare with most fast food restaurant around, it is classic!

Following pictures can cause high stomach temptation. Skip looking too long time.

Ayam percik, Chinese burger and popiah. I feel like a student!

The Chinese burger in half. Top layer is fried egg, mayonnaise then bun.

The restaurant also sell wantan noodle and some light snacks. But we
have another plan which is heading to Pandamaran food stall at Jalan
Polis. The famous dish here is still fried food, and more than 30
types of it. The fried banana is the best here. The banana are cut
into half like a butterfly shape and fried with crunchy flour. The
price is rm0.50 per piece.

Hot fried banana.

See the shape. Pizza?

Another specialty of the stall is cai kueh (also known as dumplings),
which is pan fried and very silky. It’s orange colored, never seen
them in such way before. Dipped in a pool of watery sweet chili sauce,
it’s Nickee’s favorite. The price is rm0.35 per piece. She was
addicted instantly and packed a few home. I liked the prawn fritters,
rm0.50 per piece too, awesome to eat dipped with another type of
sticky chili sauce. Too many fried stuff can be heaty for your body so
we ordered fresh sugar cane drink and 6-treasured tong sui to cool

The Cai Kueh or vege dumplings.

Cai Kueh main ingredients – bean sprout.

If you still hungry … please take a look at this

Remember to buy take away for home πŸ™‚

The fried chicken tasted so good, by the time we got Home, everyone
regretted that they didn’t pack some Home too!

The feast excursion can be found here http://tinyurl.com/yl4q96u
A is reference point, AEON Bukit Tinggi. Location B is the Fried
Chicken and C for the Fried Banana.


4 thoughts on “Yao Yao Ping and Fried Chicken at Klang

  1. The yao yao ping not only available in 6 choices, they have variety depending on which day u go and i guess depending on the availability of the ingredient too πŸ™‚

    1. The fried chicken is very juicy and home style. There is no spices so it taste very fresh chicken. Totally different than fast food restaurant recipe.

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