Wacoal Sensuala Calendar Girl Launch Party @ Mist Club

This is a lingerie fashion show as dream by most men. Bunch of DSLR
photographers with heavy weapons standby near stage since 7pm The
party start at 8.30pm which is kinda late than the stated time. Is it
what we call Malaysian timing? Event delay 1 hours from scheduled time
is pretty common. Also the guest only filled up the dance floor by
that time.14 candidates in cherry red spaghetti top make short introduction to
audience. Some of them are too nervous and forgot to speak and emcee
remind them. The next round is long awaiting lingerie walk. The girls
come out as duo and the ultimate flashes firing to the right spot. The
final walk is bra + fishnet leggings which is the last call of the
night. The photographers keep pushing and I had lost my strategic base
near the show end. Audience vote for the 12 finalist to be featured on
online voting later. You can visit to sensualalingerie.com for your
favorite girls.There are performance in between the fashion show by pole dancer Viva
Vertical and another energetic hip-hop group. As usual, guest are
invited for stage contest for catwalk and pole dancing while voting
result is in progress. All guest also entitled in final lucky draw of
the night.

Someone please remind me the name of the hip-hop dance group and they
are really great!

The finalist feature for online voting in sensualalingerie.com.

Self introduction by candidate.

Woo.. The Duo time!

Dance performance

I like this angle with spot light from above.

Audience in catwalk.

Audience in pole dance. Too crowded and this shot is above head without aiming viewfinder.

Everyone is winner!


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