Thaipusam Celebrations 2010 @ Batu Caves

This is my second time to Batu Caves for Thaipusam celebration. I highly recommend everyone to witness this special celebration because
it is very unique and at very large scale. Beside Hindu devotees,
tourist and photojournalist around the world also flew to Malaysia for
it. There are few new highways build nearby the Batu Caves which is
pro and cons. Pro is where you can see the great Lord Murugan statue
from the highway and of course the cons is the flyover now blocking
Batu Caves. I also notice the park inside Batu Caves has been turn
into temporary theme park which I feel too commercialize where
religion celebrations mixed with modern fun play.
I am joining the Tamron User outing. Same time I can test drive my
70-200 2.8 lens at battle field. We started from the new KTM station
located next to Sungai Gombak where devotees preparing them self for
the celebrations. It is a good place for behind the scene photography.
Then we join the devotee to caves. Few high photography stations has
been prepared by organizer this time. One of it is about 8 feet high
and suitable for tight crowd shoot from high point. The way to top
cave is super-duper crowded. It took about an hour for me to reach to
the top. There are three staircases to access to cave. One for going
up and another for coming down. The middle lane is interchanging for
up and down traffic. The kavadi carrier usually access via center

I take few snap shot up there before return. My brothers who tag along
with me lost his wallet since he kept it at back pocket. I saw many
foreign workers also happen to be in Batu Caves. Just be careful and
very alert to avoid pick-pocket.


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