I love Magnificent Macau

This is second time I visit Macau. A short two days trip, where most
people says it is ‘enough’ to see what Macau is about. At least I
found there are much more to be discovered. This little Island is up
kept its heritage well. I always feel the time has gone back to 80’s
while I am walking along San Malo. Then suddenly time flies back 100
years at Cologne fisherman jetty. Again, high tech casino neon-light
make me indulgence of its trendy profile. A two days relax walkabout
trip recall me to do it again in near future.

It was last day of Chinese new year when I landed Macao. Found the airport was decorated by auspicious citrus and red packets. Then my journey officially flag of at Macau Taipa bridge.

First stop is to Cologne to fine Lord Stow’s egg tarts, the original Portugese Egg Tart founded. It is next to this lovely park in  middle of roundabout.

The front of Lord Stow bakery. You can walk to the rear entrance for cafe.

Wordless to describe the taste of this egg tart. HKD7 each. Even I will pay HKD20 for it. Try at your own risk 🙂

Walk along to the jetty and felt in love with its Anglo-Chinese buildings.

In my opinion, temple should be keep in its original shape just like how it was during my grandpa time.

Tam Kong Miu.

The devotee launch a fire cracker for luck blessing. A scenery that no longer found in Malaysia (die to fire cracker is ban for public nationwide) .

Houses around the old Cologne town area.

Exterior of Venetian Casino. Is it a art gallery or something?

Golden interior furnishing of Venetian.

Free 4D movies at City of Dreams. It is high tech 360 degree dome screen. You actually stand up to watch the animation running around you.  The center of theater is a water shower with special effect.

The shower can play some pattens with light beam effect, even special text!

See how big is the tiger compare with audience! You need a fish eye lens to shoot the 4 storey height dome. Also The dragon is firing, another special effect.

In deep sea, so real!

My last stop of day 1, settle down at Runs of St Paul landmark. That night was Chinese valentine day too.

The second day morning is to visit Guia Fortress. We took the wrong path which following the jogging trek up. Morning exercise…

Another angle. This is a great place for wedding photography.

Sun Yat Sen Museum.

The herbal tea stall and dry seafood. Look at the gigantic shark fin!


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