F1 Malaysian Grand Prix Concert @ Sepang Circuit

This is a post-race concert and consider it is an added value, because
just top up Rm100 for hill stand ticket and the concert is yours. For
Grand Stand audience they get it free! Last year we have Jamiroquai
and this year even bigger – Wyclef Jean + Fatboy Slim! I could says it
is one of the best concert I ever attended in Malaysia. It was held at
the small hill outside Sepang Circuit. The audio system is kicking
great bass, cold breeze and open area, so relax and freedom. I know
who is Wyclef Jean from radio but have not seen him in live
performance. It is mind blowing performance he gave to us. He can
rock, rap, reggae, play band, make fun, talk peace, sing gospel… 2
hours for him is just too little. By 10pm another master DJ come alive
with his hard bass beat. My Rockafeller Skank hero Fat Boy Slim aka
Norman Cook. I wish the next day is holiday so I can stay till late
night. Now I know what to do for next year F1 race.
The twilight hour before sunset, so beautiful!

Stage setup and DJ play some intro music to heat up the atmosphere.

Wyclef came out with sun glasses and play reggae.

Look how Wyclef play the guitar! When he pour water to himself the crowd gone crazy, as he says so.

Play Nirvana “Smells like teen spirit” and climb up to to roof  to rock the crowd.

Audience was invited to dance on stage.

Wyclef came down to crowd and proceed to VIP seating, just to says hello. I like him. He make himself so close with us.

At last minute, Wyclef is joking that he haven’t perform his hit songs yet. Hahaha

The engineer setup the stage for Fat Boy Slim. I like how the stage look like in dark.

Everyone dance together with Fat Boy Slim.

While  the electricity shut down suddenly, we thought it is a effect but it is not. Then the music beat come back in a minute and body continue moving.

I left before the concert end and met Digi Yellowman. I will follow you…

What a memorable night fro me. This photo is showing the VIP seat.


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