Street Shooting with Sony Alpha

Last Saturday Sony Malaysia hosted a photo essay workshop at Grand Continental Hotel Kuala Lumpur. About 150 Sony Alpha users were participated the event and made it the biggest ever gathering of Malaysian Alpha users, just after the Alpha Convention in 2008. The coach is former Reuters photographer En. Zainal. He has given photo shooting contest theme – Uniquely KL.

Each group is form by 3 alpha users randomly. My group are Farhan, my brother and myself. We did a walk from Bukit Bintang, Jalan Alor, Jalan Raja Chulan, Masjid India and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. I have been waited for long time do to some street shooting, but not for contest. Behind all the skyscrapers and busy streets is where urban story telling. Since I am the eldest and I ‘act’ like big brother. Most of the time I guide them shooting rather than press my camera shutter. Farhan has very strong composition, I’m out. My brother got his idea in seeing things. After an exhausted walk till Jalan Alor, we found that our collections has too little human interaction photos. Then we rush down to Masjid India for the final assignment. Surprisingly the sellers in Masjid India are very friendly and allow their portrait to be taken. Good experience compare to Petaling Street.

Back to hotel we get our best 6 photos printed. Actually quite a hard time to decide 6 photos because we have quite some unique shots to share. I peek other participants’ photos and notice some of them can do stuff like National Geography. No kidding. En Zainal announced 3rd and 2nd prize with praises to the winning teams. Then for first prize he quote it was quite special although the photos might not be the best. By judging overall this group produce photos that match the Uniquely KL theme best. First prize goes to Group 6. I was stunned! Not sixteen, sixty but SIX! Gosh! I realize joy of photography is not just about how hard or good you compose a picture, but have you enjoy taking photo with feelings? It is a team winning and we photograph the way we see the world, realistic and natural. Each person got a RM300 voucher and flash stand sponsor by Studio Zaloon. Not to forget door gift was given to all participants as well – a nice terry cloth to wipe our beloved Sony Alpha DSLR.


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