Thaipusam Festival at Batu Caves

Let’s start the year 2011 photography with Thaipusam celebration. This
year I choose to take photos from the elevator highway in front of
Baru Caves. The reason is simple – because I’m late. I arrived about
7.30am on site and most of the devotees already make their way to the
cave temple. On the elevator highway there is still amber room to take
photo and not disturbing the event. I try to do more wide angle shots,
that is what I need to practice and experiment. I always want to show
the formation of devotees with their kavadees. By using wide angle
might cover other unwanted elements into the photo, such as crowd,
lamp post or even another photographer. That’s is the practice and
experiment I’m seeking for. I discover that picture taken from low and
overhead angle do have better dynamic viewpoint. But this is depend on
how good you can compose the angle without looking through the DSLR
viewfinder. Of course the new generation DSLR has the live-view option
which just as convenience as digital camera. Too bad mine is not, yet.
After few snaps I am getting closer to the devotees, I’m in their
crowd finally. Sometimes I even follow with their dance pace and enjoy
the celebrations. It is fun although not many good pictures have been
taken. May be next year I can work out a assignment to cover the
devotee from beginning till finish. Definitely it will have more
meaningful story to be told then.


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