Tatsuya Fujiwara promotes Kaiji 2 in Singapore Nex Mall

11.11.11(Friday) is a very special date. Also I have done a special day trip to Singapore. Yes, just 12hours visit in our neighborhood country. The main thing will be visiting AFA2011 at Suntec and attending the meet the fans session with Tatsuya Fujiwara. However, the AFA exhibition is only open for Saturday and Sunday…. ;( What a waste. Then I had little walking in town before depart to Nex Mall at Serangoon.

If you watch the Dead Note movie series I’m sure you remember the character Light Yagami. In fact I have yet watch the Kaiji 1 before I go down to Singapore. The event stage was setup at Nex Mall outdoor area. This is out of my expectation where I didn’t carry a camera flash light that day. I assume it is a indoor function since it is quite hot and humid out there. By the time 5pm there were fans camp for the best spot surrounding the stage. However the event only started at 7pm, and Fujiwara arrived by 8pm due to traffic jam. He played a few games on stage with fans, including throwing the giant dices. A English translator is with him and his Japanese fans are very happy with his appearance. Those fans are special fly to Singapore for him. The crowd are growing and more than 500 people congested the mall entrance. This make taking picture very difficult and I have no choice to boost the ISO6400 on my Sony Alpha A77. That’s the reason of grainy picture . I shot it in raw and hope someday can tune it to better picture when latest software is available. At 8.20pm Fujiwara is leaving Nex Mall (so fast) and me rush for the night bus back to Malaysia. Hope Kaiji2 movie will soon be in Malaysia.



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