A77 firmware upgrade from version 1.03 to 1.04

The A77 firmware 1.04 update was released in Sony China website. While many still wondering whether this firmware is safe to install for non China region A77 models, some already downloaded it. Yes, it works for all A77, the language still retain and not switch into Chinese. Also the GPS features still there (China’s version has no GPS built in).

In less than 6 hours, the firmware was taken down from Sony China website. Luckily some already back up a few copy and circulate it. I get it install and do a simple test, nothing much has change. Let me break down to a few.

  1. The most noticeable is the ‘Unable to Magnify’ issue in review picture has gone. This is most annoying one. After taken a picture and magnify, it wouldn’t not allow to switch into previous picture.
  2. Slightly improve of focus speed confirmation. Previously already quite fast to me. This is phase focusing detection!
  3. Menu respond is slight faster. But still can’t beat my A700. But at least no feeling of delay this round.
  4. EVF switch respond from LCD is faster. I think the eye sensor sensitivity has improved. Even the camera near my chest about 10cm it will switch to EVF. Why there is no hand grip sensor built-in like A700 in first place??
  5. The most wishable change – Image quality. Okay. NONE! Yes, no change in my opinion. The high ISO images still noisy.

Now I wish Sony takes down the firmware update for good sake. Hope it is a incomplete and to be rework again. They forgotten to compile it with new image engine such as better JPEG quality, less noise, noise control off button and such yadayada….

ISO 6400 comparison in RAW (Left: 1.03 Right: 1.04) still very noisy and hard to clean up in Lightroom


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