Miyavi the Samurai Rocker at Pavilion KL

I do not know much about J-Pop. The Pavilion KL’s Tokyo Street 1st anniversary celebration brought my attention to the name of special appearance by Miyavi. In a quick wiki I know him is a guitarist with very trendy and unique dressing. I thought was a she but is him. By a quick comparison the name Michael Jackson come to my mind. But this guy play guitar.
After the official opening ceremony of the Tokyo Street celebration, the emcee called for Miyavi. The audience (especially the young fans) scream and all focus to a man with long hair and sun glasses. Wow! He seems to dress better than the photo I got from Google.

Surprised me is Miyavi able to speak fluent English. American slang but very fluent. Without much talking he played two songs with his trademark black guitar. Just a solo performance but his guitar is such powerful, rhythmic and alive. The tapping, slapping and finger flying across the frets is amazing. With my little (not worth to mention) guitar experience, this is God level! No wonder the name ‘Samurai Rockers’ is where it came from.

Two songs with fantastic guitar playing and rap lyrics, it seems everyone is entertained and VIPs give a stand up applause.

Miyavi will perform live on 25th July 2012 at The Stage, Avenue K. It is still not too late to get the ticket at www.a-creations.biz/miyavi or email info@a-creations.biz
Or Youtube Miyavi and I promise you will be pleased.

For short video clip of Miyavi’s performance at Pavilion KL, visit http://www.facebook.com/rikileephoto


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