SYM T2 Compatible Parts

Of course the original parts are always better and recommended. For T2, not all spare part is available in workshops. The creative users have found following parts are interchangeable with other motorcycles. Moreover, sometimes it is even cheaper. Visually these parts are no difference or very little difference. However the material and  technical specification may be vary.

** Use At Your Own Risk ** That’s the bottom line of this post.

  1. Oil Filter – Suzuki Belang (Tested)
  2. Disc Brake – SYM MaxSym 400i
  3. Clutch Plate – Modenas Jaguh, Kawasaki KIPS 150 RR
  4. Clutch Spring – Yamaha RXZ, Yamaha LC 135 Racing (Tested)
  5. Clutch Cable – Yamaha RXZ, Modenas Jaguh, Vespa
  6. Rear Absorber (monoshock) – Suzuki Belang, required bracket modification
  7. Sparks Plug – NGK CPR8EA-9, Yamaha LC 135 (Tested)
  8. Fuel Filter – Honda EX5
  9. Front Fork and Oil Seal Dust Cover – Kawasaki Ninja 250, size 37 x 50 x 11mm (Tested)

fork dust cover



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