Test Ride with Voltage Stabilizer to Bukit Tinggi

After installed the twenty ringgit voltage stabilizer, this is the first time I ride to highland. Also the engine is fresh fill with Platinum engine oil aka Pluto Oil.

The throttle response seems smooth and less jerky. Same time it feels like less responsive and with a little bit delay. The power delivery is gradually and constant, less explosive. For T2 which is heavy, this may be a negative outcome. But hang on! Personally I am quite like this behavior.

I am not a fan of high speed or rocket acceleration. I like cruising and water flowing kind of throttle response. With the voltage stabilizer, it change the behavior of T2. From a angry mustang to veteran horse. By reducing of jerking and vibration, I can actually open more throttle at ease. The bike just catch up and response in a silky way.

It makes the bike more fun to ride, just like a scooter. Cruising at Karak Highway without sense of rushing is really fun. I see the speedometer tops at 170km/h with sixth gear and the handle bar just barely vibrate. Drop to fifth gear and the bike has more power to push and overtake.



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