Why Buy Sym T2?

When I come across to pick a bike as hobby or big bike learner… I have set these few criterias.

1. It must not be Kawasaki… Not because I am hater but there are just too many kawa on the road 😉 I need something different.

2. The bike have to look bigger than its price tag… Sym T2 is pretty big size compare to its competitors such as Kawasaki Ninja 250, Honda CBR250, KTM Duke 200 and Keeway. T2 outlook is more like a 500cc.

3. The pillion seat must be comfortable… Yes I carry pillion most of the time. When pillion is happy, so the rider B-)

4. Low maintenance cost… Sym T2 is among the lowest in 250cc category. Also the part list and pricing are available at Sym.com.my . But coming from small bike background, big bike maintenance is a bomb to me.

5. Option for rear storage box… I usually keep my helmet and raincoat in the storage box. I can’t live without a storage box. Most 250cc bikes in Malaysia are sport bike design (full fairing) and has no storage box option, or will be ugly to have it. Sym T2 is naked bike design which look good with storage box at the back.

6. Low fuel consumption… the Honda CBR250 may win in this criteria and T2 is not far behind. Actually I am not only concern the petrol cost but low fuel consumption allows more mileages and longer distance.

This is how I come into Sym T2’s world.

Following are the pictures when I first saw it in http://www.mudah.my

I though the Red-Blue stripes was meant for special edition. In the end it is previous owner custom design. Look clean and sleek to me.

my bike as advertised in mudah.my my bike as advertised in mudah.my


2 thoughts on “Why Buy Sym T2?

  1. Great review, am thinking of buying this bike. Appreciate if you can share your riding experience and any problem your’ve encountered so far. Thanks

    1. Hi Aimar,

      For me this bike has no issue at all. It is very practical and design to last. Many SYM T2 users has clocked more than 50,000km and still running strong. However, you need extra attention in taking care big bike. Service routine must be on time. Use original parts or those proven by users.

      Coming from riding Honda Wave, I found this bike is very heavy to turn. Also because I only ride during weekend and not enough practice with its weight and counter steering.

      Only major problem I had was changing the clutch sole. I think it is quality issue of the part. Most of the T2 out-there are fine. The lose clutch sole give noise when gear is neutral, because the spring is not able to hold the vibration.

      You can view my post about the problems. I will update it gradually for other matters too.

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