Cheap Fuel Injection Flush – Getsun

This is a cheap fuel injector cleaner or flusher bought from hardware shop. Yea you’re right! Cheap stuff always come from China.

Since my bike mileage is now 10,000km, I have decided to give it a try before I go with other high end solution, such as a manual service or higher price flusher.

The colour of the content is clear, just like water. Smells like kerosin but not that strong taste. I know some fuel system flusher are made from high octane fuel, such as jet fuel. I tried Google this product parent company, Helioson. Not much info or review abiut this Guangzhou based factory. So this may be the first one.

I will do a four full tank fuel analysis to before finalise the verdict of this fuel injector cleaner. Stay tune for more šŸ˜‰

Update 1: First full tank Shell Fuel Save Ron95 fills. Distance 70% highway, 30% town.
380km/12.7l, AVG 29.92km/l. TheĀ throttle feels a bit more responsive. In some part of highway achieve top speed about 195km/h (SYM T2 speedometer reading, GPS reading is 145 km/h). High speed/RPMĀ may contribute to high fuel consumption. Compare with normal FC rate is 35km/l.

Update 2: Filled full tank Petronas Primax 95. Distance 50% highway, 50% town.
280km/9l, AVG 31.10km/l. Lot of backfiring and choking. Not smooth and suspect it is Petronas fuel issue. Acceleration feels rough on the engine.

Update 3: Filled full tank BHP InfinitiĀ 95.Ā Before the injector flushing, this is the petrol give best riding experience. In a 80% town ride, the mileage clocked 29.40km/l. It is normal fuel consumption to me. Engine is not smooth now, some jerking at low idling. Perhaps engine oil serviceĀ is due soon atĀ 2000km.

Update 4: Filled full tank BHP InfinitiĀ 95. In a 80% highway ride, the fuel consumption is 356.8km of 10.51 liter, 33.95 km/l. Basically the fuel consumption is very good.

Conclusion: Overall the Getsun fuel injector cleaner is probably just kind of additive or fuel thinner. It makes the fuel burn quicker and you feel more power. After the residue is used up, everything back to normal.Ā 




10 thoughts on “Cheap Fuel Injection Flush – Getsun

  1. Hi Riki,

    You have written a great review of the GETSUN Fuel Injector Cleaner.

    May I know does it work for 4 stroke engine cars, other than super bikes?

      1. Cheers bro for the instant reply & the source.

        But so far did you any observe side effect to your bike engine after using the Cleaner? Or have you been using the Fuel Injector cleaner ever since?

      2. I only use it once since it was not that effective. Unless someone open up the engine crankcase to verify šŸ˜„

        It is safe to use however. Perhaps you should try Caltex Techron engine flush too. I will try it sometimes later since my car service is almost due.

      3. Cheers on the recommendation of “Caltex Techron Engine Flush”, I will try the Caltex Product after 5000km as well.

        Btw, May I ask what do you mean by “it was not that effective”? Would you please further explain the effect after using GETSUN Fuel Injector cleaner?

        I, myself have experienced “The throttle feels a bit more responsive.” as mentioned in your Update 1. However, with that, I don’t reckon I will be able to save fuel & it’s on contrary to what it’s listed behind on the label – Advantage No. 3- “Increase Fuel Economy”.

        Do you then agree with me on the above “Non-fuel economy with Fuel Injector cleaner” statement?

        Hope to hear from you on your opinion & please correct me if my statements are incorrect.


  2. In theory and controlled environment (lab environment), a cleaner engine should achieve its best fuel economy. This Get-Sun did not give significant fuel economy, just a little bit of boost factor. Should you drive slowly, you may able to see the fuel economics. However, a vehicle with good acceleration is always fun to ‘press’ it a bit harder because it is fun to drive. There your fuel economy gone, I think šŸ™‚

    I agree with you, no fuel economy detected. In my experiment, it is just normal but I don’t care much since it only cost RM5. Plus it didn’t harm my engine despite it is Made in China. The Caltex’s thing is RM45 and I hope it better perform within expectation, else the blog story is going to be loooong. šŸ™‚

    1. It is best to follow the label instruction. Usually a full tank 40 liter with a bottle of fuel injector cleaner. My bike has 10 liter tank, so I pour about quarter bottle of cleaner into it.

  3. I will recommend Royal Purple instead. I totally love it. Although it’s a bit more expensive than the other cleaning products, you should try it to see how well it works.

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