Sym T2 Problems & Solution

Sym T2 is not perfect (in fact what man made stuff can be?). Here I list down few minor issues and its solution. Some problems are due to design and may not go away. Hope you are more happier after reducing these issues. Else, just go riding, it is a motorcycle man!


1. Exhaust muffler backfiring/spitting most of the time.
The throttle cable can be tighten to reduce the backfiring. There is still some backfiring but not so often after that. Change to quality synthetic oil may helps too. The backfiring is always lesser after fresh oil changed .

Adjust the throttle cable freeplay to eliminate the back firing

2. When at neutral gear position, there is noise coming from the clutch.
The clutch outer unit may be worn out. I have this issue even though the mileage is just 8,000km. Some has it since it was new. Open the unit and replace the clutch bush spring and outer unit if found worn.

Listen to the last 10 seconds and you will notice the annoying noises.

3. Speedometer is not accurate, variance about +30km/h.
I think it is intention of Sym to tells you this bike is running fast :). In actual it is 30km/h slower. There is no solution for this because it happen to all Sym T2. My maths has improving by subtracting 30 from the speed reading. It is dangerous to ride fast by the way :p

4. The handlebar seems not ergonomic and causes hand and palm pain.
Change to a good pair of handle bar balancer or weight counter. Preferably the long stem type which provide better vibration reduction. Secondly change the hand grip will helps to improve overall handling experience.

5. Side mirror is vibrating when speed beyond 120km/h, unable to see the rear traffic clearly.
Still no solution yet. Eventhough after install handlebar balancer, it doesn’t cure the mirror vibration. From Internet I found this but it is too costly. I shall look for some DIY alternative.

Mirror Vibration Absorber


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