Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang- First Visit May 31

Updated June 26, 2016- Check out latest post about Mitsui visit here on June 22, 2016.

Update Aug 11,2015: Check out my second and third visit in this post. 

This morning we went to check out Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang out of curiosity. We have only been to two premium outlets so far: Johor Premium Outlet and Gotemba Premium Outlet. We took the bike and reach there in 45 mins. It’s quite easy to reach there, we didn’t even check the location or map. Just exit KLIA toll and its on your left, as per the sign board. There’s a lot of car parking (free for now) and bike parking is free!

Not a lot of shops are opened, I’m not sure why because the crowd visiting the place is quite heavy like a normal mall, so those shops who plan to open in June might be missing out the opening week sales. 

I shall talk briefly about the shops that I went in.


Comparison with JPO: The mall is fully air-conditioned,  unlike JPO. And has a lot of benches. The toilet is okay but I prefer JPO’s toilet as there is no TP dispenser in every booth here.  Can’t compare much about the restaurants because not a lot of restaurants are opened. 


image image image image

Here’s the Q at Nike 11ish- we went there a 10ish and there is no Q yet but long Q at the cashier.

The stock in Nike is quite new, most of the shoes are made in 2014. So, newer stocks compared to JPO. The prices ranges between RM 89 – 209 – 300+ for fancier models. Quite cheap if you are looking for running shoes and sports wear.

Adidas – quite limited stocks compared to Nike and its on the pricier side

Sketchers – I like the memory foam shoes RM 159- 209 but after tested wearing them for a while the design is a bit weird as there’s a gap between the foam and the toes (hard to explain haha) – didn’t buy at the end

Clarks – Need to Q to go in, the flats and heels are around RM 299- 399. With this price tag, I rather buy Prada at The Mall in Sept hehe

Puma – No Q, quite good stocks, cheaper than Adidas but more expensive than Nike

Converse – No Q, I think the price is okay, kinda like Converse in HK or Taiwan

Timberland – No Q, quite a lot of people

Mango – No Q, found a top for RM15! Has some winter wear on sale – Didn’t buy

Cotton On – No Q, its just like a regular Cotton On

Hush Puppies – Has a Q but there is only like 8 people in the store at a time

FAN – Also known as Japan Avenue, selling some Japanese household items and food. I recognized some green tea and Makanai Cosmetic ( logo of a cute white rabbit using a mortar)

Sacoor  Brothers – No Q, I think the stock is quite okay

Hackett – Perhaps the poshest store in the outlet with RM500++ for a Polo T and the decor in the shop is nice and dark

GUESS, Chocolate and Perfumes Shop- forgot to go in


Live updates of flight departures and arrivals


Ground Floor – Shops with dots are not opened yet


First Floor – Shops with dots are not opened yet


Shops that will be opened in June and July in Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang

I’m looking forward for Zalora Outlet and maybe more branded stores. Perhaps some drinks vending machines. Perhaps some desserts and snack shops.

We didn’t buy or eat anything from here but I will not rule out from visiting here from time to time so watch out for our updates of second visit.

Update Aug 11,2015: Check out my second and third visit in this post. 


3 thoughts on “Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang- First Visit May 31

    1. Hi Vari, yes 2-3 hours is okay, just focus on the shops that you would like to visit. Remember to have plenty of spare time between waiting for bus shuttle and check ins.

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