Chain Spray Review – PJ1 vs Silkolene

pj1blacklabelvssilkoleneprochainI have two chain care products, PJ1 Black Label Chain Lube and Silkolene Pro Chain. PJ1 is a bundle gift together with my helmet purchase. I have used both interchangeably to observe the effectiveness and lasting.


PJ1 Black Label is a refined version from the popular Blue Label. The main difference of Black Label is water repellent and it is more suitable in our tropical weather. From the PJ1 site it says “PJ1 New Improved Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lube applies easily and penetrates into the pins and rollers to set up into a tacky, grease-like coating. PJ1 Black Label Heavy Duty Chain Lubes resilient coating reduces chain stretching and shock that normally is encountered during off-road racing and riding. Displaces and repels water. Will not harden and crack like wax.

800164599[1]Silkolene Pro Chain is my second chain lube because the price is quite reasonable for a 500ml packing. After two times applied the PJ1, it left about half can so I buy Silkolene as a backup. From Silkolene’s “Synthetic racing chain oil for high performance road, racing and off-road motorcycles. 100% synthetic chain lubricant with exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties to resist high speed fling-off. For all chains including “O” and “X” ring types.” I think the product relate with RACE is always a good marketing strategy in automotive.

My conclusion after comparing both products, Silkolene Pro Chain wins with few solid reasons. First of all, it will not fly off easily, my rim has no stain of chain lube. Second, the Silkolene is somehow easy to apply because it is clear and more liquid. PJ1 is like gel based and have a lot of bubbles, thus during application you have to do it slowly to prevent the excess drop on floor. Thirdly, Silkolene is really weather proof. In my experience, each application last about 1000km and even survive 1 to 2 times in rain. After 1000km you will start hearing the chain noise again. Pj1 is about 500km with 1 time in rain. Also, the Pj1 smell like liquid grease and Silkolene has no strong smell. Of course this is just my personal preference. I always apply chain lube in a open air place.

Clearly Silkolene is a bargain product by its price/volume, clean application and long lasting. Should you have any good chain lube to recommend do let me know. Happy lube-ing!


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