Olive Garden – First restaurant in Asia

I can’t wait to give this restaurant a try after eyeing the construction board saying that the restaurant replacing the previous Pasta Zanmai will be Olive Garden.

Frequent Buzzfeed Food visits taught me that Olive Garden is a fast food chain in the states that are famous for their free bread sticks. The verdict? Stay tuned for the review below =)

We visited here twice, once during the first week of their opening and once last week to berbuka puasa with my friends. In our first visit, we saw Italian chefs serving food straight from the kitchen to our tables. However in our second visit, they’re no longer around. Nevertheless the food is still delicious and the service is good.

All of our orders are very satisfying, good portion and packed with flavors.

Most importantly, unlimited soup (three choices of soup- Pasta e Fagioli, Chicken & Gnocchi and Minestrone) or unlimited house salad AND unlimited breadsticks comes with any entree.

Smoked Mozzarella Chicken RM 28.9

Hearty and creamy goodness with pieces of sweet caramelized chicken, delizioso!

Salmon Risotto RM 45.9

Pan fried salmon gives a firm texture to the creamy and tender risotto, delizioso!

Steak Grana Padana RM 52.9

Light golden pasta, so hearty and rich with aromatic flavors, yummy!

Chicken Parmigiana RM 26.9

Saucy, bright red Neapolitan sauce, the crust is light but a bit over fried 

 Sicilian Pineapple RM 18.9

Looks plain but surprisingly quite nice, perhaps crisper crust for extra good kick

    Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara RM 35.9

Rich and creamy with lots and lots of fresh shrimp and chicken slices

Antipasti – Shrimp Scampi Fritta  RM 16.9

Lemony golden crispy fresh bouncy shrimp, tangy and yummy!

Infamous bread sticks – Free

Now I find it quite stale-y and salty but my friend loved it! He can eat it just on its own.

House salad- Free

Loved the onions, crunchy croutons and citrus-y sauce.

Chicken & Gnocchi Soup – Free

I love this soup the most!! I love the spinach and gnocchi the little round cute tang yuen (sweet chinese dumplings). Delizioso, buona zuppa!!

Minestrone – Free

Pronounced min- e- stro- ni, this soup is simple, comforting and nourishing

Lemon Mousse RM 6.9

The candied lemon peel serve as a sweet garnish at the end of the meal for us =)

I will definitely recommend this new restaurant to my friends and will visit again!

Olive Garden is located at the previous Pasta Zanmai shop, next to Watson and Madam Kwan. Same floor as Toy R’ Us. A floor above Coffee Bean, Secret Recipe and Uniqlo at Lot F-051, First Floor, Mid Valley MegaMall.

Call for reservations: 03 2201 0221. Like their Facebook

**This is not a paid review**

Parts of the Olive Garden menu


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